Multimedia problems with ubuntu...

If you, like me, have problems with multimedia under Ubuntu (Karmic at least), try these little tricks before anything. I hope they will help.

First of all, take a look medibuntu repositories. That alone solves a lot of problems.And if are upgrading from old versions of Linux, clean up the audio configuration.

After that, try […]

Finally, a new gksyn

I have finally (thanks to a kind of flu, really) found the time to update, quite rewrite, my gksyn plugin, a little gkrellm applet to control the touchpad present in most laptop. In the meantime, I discovered and re-discovered a couple of really nasty details when programming in Unix environment, like the buffering of the […]

slogger - a simple logger tool

A simple tool to keep your logfiles under control

NEW:!!! Version 0.6 released 26 Mar 2003

SLogger is a simple tool too keep your logfiles under control. Yes, another one. I checked a lot of wonderful software around, but everything was too much complex for me. So I wrote this one.


is just […]

Please, resume only when I want...

I have a laptop (a Toshiba one, a 13″ nice thing) which is running more or less happily with Ubuntu Karmic. Lot of good things but some very annoying behaviour sometime. One of them is the fact that it resumes automatically when opening the lid and the AC plug is in.

I don’t like it. […]

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