Inherit the Stars: re-reading an old book

Cover of the italian translation of the book

Thanks to my new kindle, I was re-reading Inherit the Stars by James P. Hogan, which is available for free at Baen. I was especially fond of this book when I was a teenager, for the crisp image of how the scientific thinking works towards the finding of solutions to apparently impossible problems.

Well, obviously […]

Giving up: I bought an ebook

the new kindle with a red lace

I am quite a geek in a lot of thing, but I resisted, till now, to leave my papery books and do the jump at the new technology.

I have tons of book on the shelves of my home (and in my mother’s house, and in the office, and in boxes rotting away… they’re just […]

Revelation Space, by Alastair Reynolds

I just finished to read it. It is the first of a trilogy (that seems to be the standard these times, at least in SF, but not only there…).

Dark and powerful, although not so brilliant as Peter Hamilton, Brin or Banks; the universe in which it’s set up is maybe more probable than the […]

Hello world!

Welcome to Romano Giannetti blog! This is just a start post. Please check my home page, there will be things appearing there.

Per ora, ho trasferito qui IHC Memories, il sito dove ho raccolto tre anni di ricette, suggerimenti e trucchi di cucina apparsi sul newsgroup it.hobby.cucina. I newsgroup sono, sembra, una cosa del passato, […]