Wallpaper slideshow for Gnome3

This is a very simple Python script that will cycle your wallpaper among a set of images stored in a directory. It works with Gnome3 and should work with Gnome2, too.

The script is spartan: to customize it, open it in a text editor (gedit, whatever) and change the four lines near the top:

# bgdir: put the directory containing the wallpaper images here. 
# Accepted file types are .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif
# mode: none, centered, wallpaper, scaled, stretched, zoom, spanned. 
# You really want "zoom" :-)
# delay: time to wait before changing, in seconds.
# version: gnome3 or gnome2. Really tested only in gnome3.
bgdir = "/home/romano/lib/backgrounds"
mode = "zoom"
delay = 3*60
version = "gnome3"

and then run it via a command shell, or put it into the “autostart” programs of your desktop.

I normally use

nohup nice bg_slideshow.py >/dev/null &

to let it run in background.

download the script

Title: bg_slideshow.zip (0 click)
Filename: bg_slideshow.zip
Size: 2 KB

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