Adding a gnome/nautilus thumbnailer

thumbnails for xfig files

NOTE: this only works for Gnome 2. For Gnome 3, see an update here… What it is:

a thumbnail is the little image that Nautilus (the file manager of Gnome) shows to represent the file. Most of file types has a standard thumbnailer, and you see a representation of the file such as a […]

Integrating a new application in Gnome

part of the screenshot defining the new application as default

Just found out that the task of adding a new application for a new file-type on gnome (so that I can run it by double click, or from the mail client on an attachment, is easier than I suspected.

The problem: my bank send me my account information in files that are managed by an […]

Giving up: I bought an ebook

the new kindle with a red lace

I am quite a geek in a lot of thing, but I resisted, till now, to leave my papery books and do the jump at the new technology.

I have tons of book on the shelves of my home (and in my mother’s house, and in the office, and in boxes rotting away… they’re just […]

La mia paella della domenica

eccola qui!

La domenica, ultimamente, è diventato il giorno classico per preparare una piccola paella di pesce, piatto festivo e (più o meno) facile da fare, anche se il famoso commento spagnolo secondo il quale “si fa sola” non è del tutto corretto. Foto pubblicitaria e poi la ricetta passo a passo.

Prima di tutto,un commento dovuto. […]

Metropolitane del mondo

madrid metro map


Una piccola selezione di vini


Notevole. Il ristorante “The French Laundry” ha online la sua lista di vini. Curiosa…

Tra l’altro, sfogliando la lista S. Pellegrino dei 50 migliori ristoranti del mondo, ho scoperto che quasi tutti hanno pubblicato il menu con i prezzi, con qualche eccezione. Fra i ristoranti italiani, praticamente nessuno pubblica i prezzi. Ci vergogniamo?


Articolo su “El Bulli”

È di moda, se ne parla da tutte le parti, specialmente da quando si sa che chiuderà… ho trovato un post veramente interessante,da leggere: quello che Grant Achatz ricorda del Bulli.

Multimedia problems with ubuntu...

If you, like me, have problems with multimedia under Ubuntu (Karmic at least), try these little tricks before anything. I hope they will help.

First of all, take a look medibuntu repositories. That alone solves a lot of problems.And if are upgrading from old versions of Linux, clean up the audio configuration.

After that, try […]

Finally, a new gksyn

I have finally (thanks to a kind of flu, really) found the time to update, quite rewrite, my gksyn plugin, a little gkrellm applet to control the touchpad present in most laptop. In the meantime, I discovered and re-discovered a couple of really nasty details when programming in Unix environment, like the buffering of the […]

Please, resume only when I want...

I have a laptop (a Toshiba one, a 13″ nice thing) which is running more or less happily with Ubuntu Karmic. Lot of good things but some very annoying behaviour sometime. One of them is the fact that it resumes automatically when opening the lid and the AC plug is in.

I don’t like it. […]