xkcd color list for LaTeX users…

Update: there is a version on github now, and I submitted it to CTAN…

After reading the (very) fun post about colors name at xkcd, I decided to create a small package to add the color list to my LaTeX documents…


After circumventing a small bug in xcolor, and ten lines of python, I have managed to create a small package that I am sharing here.

To use it, simply load with \usepackage{xkcdcols} and you’ll have all the color from the xkcd page with names like xkcdTeal (note the capitalization)  and xkcdDarkPastelGreen, like in this snippet:

\usepackage{xkcdcols} %

And now you can have

\textcolor{xkcdBabyPoop}{This is not yummy at all}


\textcolor{xkcdGreenyGrey}{What a nice color name\ldots}

all over the place!

Compressed file following…

LaTeX Package for xkcd colors

LaTex Package for xkcd colors
Title: xkcdcols_rgtti (0 click)
Caption: LaTex Package for xkcd colors
Filename: xkcdcols_rgtti.zip
Size: 9 KB

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