ComputersA new nice trick for the Linux keyboard: greek letters

I do not know you, but me (as an engineer) use Greek letters like α, β, γ and so on quite often. I did a small change to my linux keyboard layout: the new part in the keyboard symbols files now is

partial alphanumeric_keys
xkb_symbols "standard_tlde" {

    include "es(basic)"

    key <TLDE>  { [ grave,     asciitilde,  masculine,    ordfeminine ] };
    key <BKSL>  { [ backslash, bar,         braceright,    dead_breve ] };
    key <AE05>  { [         5,    percent,     EuroSign, threeeighths ] };
    key <AD03>  { [         e,          E,       eacute,       Eacute ] };
    key <AD08>  { [         i,          I,       iacute,       Iacute ] };
    key <AC01>  { [         a,          A,       aacute,       Aacute ] };
    key <AC05>  { [         g,          G,       dead_greek,   dead_greek ]};
    key <AD07>  { [         u,          U,       uacute,       Uacute ] };
    key <AD06>  { [         y,          Y,       udiaeresis,   Udiaeresis ] };
    key <AD09>  { [         o,          O,       oacute,       Oacute ] };
    key <AB06>  { [         n,          N,       ntilde,       Ntilde ] };

where the important part is

    key <AC05>  { [         g,          G,       dead_greek,   dead_greek ]};

here I define AltGrG as dead greek key: pressing now AltGrG and then for example D gives Δ.

Handy, fast and very useful.

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