ComputersA new nice trick for the Linux keyboard: greek letters

I do not know you, but me (as an engineer) use Greek letters like α, β, γ and so on quite often. I did a small change to my linux keyboard layout: the new part in the keyboard symbols files now is

partial alphanumeric_keys
xkb_symbols "standard_tlde" {

    include "es(basic)"

    key <TLDE>  { [ grave,     asciitilde,  masculine,    ordfeminine ] };
    key <BKSL>  { [ backslash, bar,         braceright,    dead_breve ] };
    key <AE05>  { [         5,    percent,     EuroSign, threeeighths ] };
    key <AD03>  { [         e,          E,       eacute,       Eacute ] };
    key <AD08>  { [         i,          I,       iacute,       Iacute ] };
    key <AC01>  { [         a,          A,       aacute,       Aacute ] };
    key <AC05>  { [         g,          G,       dead_greek,   dead_greek ]};
    key <AD07>  { [         u,          U,       uacute,       Uacute ] };
    key <AD06>  { [         y,          Y,       udiaeresis,   Udiaeresis ] };
    key <AD09>  { [         o,          O,       oacute,       Oacute ] };
    key <AB06>  { [         n,          N,       ntilde,       Ntilde ] };

where the important part is

    key <AC05>  { [         g,          G,       dead_greek,   dead_greek ]};

here I define AltGrG as dead greek key: pressing now AltGrG and then for example D gives Δ.

Handy, fast and very useful.

The complete list of symbols you can obtain (be sure your font supports them) can be seen in the file /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose; an excerpt is here:

<dead_greek> <A> : "Α" U0391 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER ALPHA
<dead_greek> <a> : "α" U03B1 # GREEK SMALL LETTER ALPHA
<dead_greek> <B> : "Β" U0392 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER BETA
<dead_greek> <b> : "β" U03B2 # GREEK SMALL LETTER BETA
<dead_greek> <D> : "Δ" U0394 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER DELTA
<dead_greek> <d> : "δ" U03B4 # GREEK SMALL LETTER DELTA
<dead_greek> <E> : "Ε" U0395 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER EPSILON
<dead_greek> <e> : "ε" U03B5 # GREEK SMALL LETTER EPSILON
<dead_greek> <F> : "Φ" U03A6 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER PHI
<dead_greek> <f> : "φ" U03C6 # GREEK SMALL LETTER PHI
<dead_greek> <G> : "Γ" U0393 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER GAMMA
<dead_greek> <g> : "γ" U03B3 # GREEK SMALL LETTER GAMMA
<dead_greek> <H> : "Η" U0397 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER ETA
<dead_greek> <h> : "η" U03B7 # GREEK SMALL LETTER ETA
<dead_greek> <I> : "Ι" U0399 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER IOTA
<dead_greek> <i> : "ι" U03B9 # GREEK SMALL LETTER IOTA
<dead_greek> <J> : "Θ" U0398 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER THETA
<dead_greek> <j> : "θ" U03B8 # GREEK SMALL LETTER THETA
<dead_greek> <K> : "Κ" U039A # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER KAPPA
<dead_greek> <k> : "κ" U03BA # GREEK SMALL LETTER KAPPA
<dead_greek> <L> : "Λ" U039B # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER LAMDA
<dead_greek> <l> : "λ" U03BB # GREEK SMALL LETTER LAMDA
<dead_greek> <M> : "Μ" U039C # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER MU
<dead_greek> <m> : "μ" U03BC # GREEK SMALL LETTER MU
<dead_greek> <N> : "Ν" U039D # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER NU
<dead_greek> <n> : "ν" U03BD # GREEK SMALL LETTER NU
<dead_greek> <O> : "Ο" U039F # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER OMICRON
<dead_greek> <o> : "ο" U03BF # GREEK SMALL LETTER OMICRON
<dead_greek> <P> : "Π" U03A0 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER PI
<dead_greek> <p> : "π" U03C0 # GREEK SMALL LETTER PI
<dead_greek> <Q> : "Χ" U03A7 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER CHI
<dead_greek> <q> : "χ" U03C7 # GREEK SMALL LETTER CHI
<dead_greek> <R> : "Ρ" U03A1 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER RHO
<dead_greek> <r> : "ρ" U03C1 # GREEK SMALL LETTER RHO
<dead_greek> <S> : "Σ" U03A3 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER SIGMA
<dead_greek> <s> : "σ" U03C3 # GREEK SMALL LETTER SIGMA
<dead_greek> <T> : "Τ" U03A4 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER TAU
<dead_greek> <t> : "τ" U03C4 # GREEK SMALL LETTER TAU
<dead_greek> <U> : "Υ" U03A5 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER UPSILON
<dead_greek> <u> : "υ" U03C5 # GREEK SMALL LETTER UPSILON
<dead_greek> <W> : "Ω" U03A9 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER OMEGA
<dead_greek> <w> : "ω" U03C9 # GREEK SMALL LETTER OMEGA
<dead_greek> <X> : "Ξ" U039E # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER XI
<dead_greek> <x> : "ξ" U03BE # GREEK SMALL LETTER XI
<dead_greek> <Y> : "Ψ" U03A8 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER PSI
<dead_greek> <y> : "ψ" U03C8 # GREEK SMALL LETTER PSI
<dead_greek> <Z> : "Ζ" U0396 # GREEK CAPITAL LETTER ZETA
<dead_greek> <z> : "ζ" U03B6 # GREEK SMALL LETTER ZETA


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