The quest for a CMS...

I am out there in the wild searching for a CMS (Content Management System)  system that can satisfy my needs. And it seems that it’s not easy at all.

What I’d like to have is a simple system that let me build a collection of pages, with a more or less fixed content, and all I want from the system is to keep a nice, simple and effective look consistent along all the pages. And that the look could be easily adjustable. A bit like WordPress with Athaualpa theme…

But it seems that in the CMS world, complexity come along with visual configurability. I tried a handful of system, and I am now trying drupal which seems quite powerful but nonetheless, complex and quite difficult to manage. I was almost shocked with the upgrade procedure and I was ready to let it down but then I found a much more viable way, so continued testing.

Nevertheless, I am wondering if a thing with the easyness of wordpress exists… or maybe I should simply use WordPress pages for my needs? The matter is, WP is perfect for a blog, it’s not though to serve a collection of pages as it’s main task. Or not? I explored a bit the matter, and it’s not so bad as it could seems: it should suffice to use pages for the task. The only nitpick is the negative by the developers on adding pages to the tags system (I understand the rationale for categories, but not for tags).

I tried simpler CMS too, but they failed in more or less subtle ways. For example, razorCMS seems quite nice; the only problem is that I could not find a straightforward way to have “foldable” menus on the left side, and I suspect that after adding a lot of pages will end in the neverending tall pages I hate so much in the web. But yes, it’s fast and easy to understand. A strong candidate, but I should spend a lot of time in it.

So I think that, for the moment, I’ll stick with wordpress for my pages. It’s not perfect, but the automatic update procedure is a killing feature, and a real time saver for a non-professional user.

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